Road Rage: The Growing Monster

Road Rage: The Growing Monster: It’s affecting drivers around the globe. It claims hundreds of lives every year and happens day-by-day on our roads. It’s called road rage, a condition that often involves anger or violence associated with on-road driving activities. Many government departments have determined that road rage is not a myth or an invention of the media. Rather, it’s a real and serious problem that manifests itself through bizarre and often violent behaviour. A recent NRMA survey found that one in five drivers have committed road rage - with 22% of these incidents occurring with children under the age of 15 in the car. What can be done? Most experts agree that the first step is to prepare yourself so you will not be the next victim. This means avoidance at any cost. You never know if the driver beside you a ticking-time bomb is or has concealed weapons in their vehicle. It’s best to avoid any altercation with other motorists - period! Governments and other groups are currently trying to solve this problem through regulations, enforcement and increased penalties. Solutions take time. Don’t become a victim - take preventative measures now! Things that really made Drivers’ blood boil were the types of problems we all experience today, including: • Drivers who don’t give the ‘thank you’ wave. • Drivers who slam the brakes unnecessarily. • Drivers who merge without indicating. • Drivers who cannot keep a consistent speed. • Drivers who are too slow for traffic flow. • Drivers that don’t allow others to merge. • Drivers who cut other Drivers off. • Drivers who text and drive. • Tailgaters. • Drivers who use the right lane incorrectly. How not to be swept up in driving anger: • Give a friendly wave when a Driver lets you in. • Stealing another Driver’s parking spot is a no-no. • Always indicate so other Drivers know what you’re doing. • Unnecessary horn beeping is never appreciated. • Refrain from obscene gestures and verbal abuse. • Let other Drivers in when they’re trying to merge. • Don’t tailgate fellow Drivers. • Don’t block intersections. • Always give way when required. Stay cool and you’ll have a better chance of keeping your car and other motorists in good stead, ultimately arriving safely at your desired destination.


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