Prioritising Mental Health

Prioritising Mental Health During COVID-19 In the past, mental health has not been on the radar for most businesses, but this year COVID-19 has put mental health at the forefront of workplace safety considerations. Both employees and business owners have been subjected to additional stress and uncertainty, while isolation and loneliness have added to feelings of anxiety. As business owners, you not only have a responsibility to ensure the physical health and safety of your employees, but also their psychological wellbeing too, under the Federal Work Health and Safety Act. We’re all trying to build new skills and become resilient in ways we’ve never had to before. Tell your team, if they’re feeling concerned, it’s ok to ask for help. There is a lot of support available for people facing challenges and for people already living with mental illness, it’s important to keep getting help. If you operate one of the many business who have taken a hit during COVID-19, no doubt you’re struggling mentally yourself…you need to take care of yourself too!!! Find someone you can talk to openly to share the difficulties you’re experiencing…it might be your family, friends or business contacts, and don’t forget, you have access to the same resources you’re recommending to your team.


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