About CQIB

Welcome to the website of The Council of Queensland Insurance Brokers (CQIB), a professional association that plays a key role in the Australian insurance industry.

Founded in 1980, the CQIB now represents nearly 57 Queensland firms collectively employing nearly 600 staff and placing in excess of $500,000,000 in annual premiums from over 200,000 clients.

All CQIB members are insurance professionals who are licensed by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission after extensive accreditation procedures.

A CQIB Member will provide truly informed advice on all insurance matters.


2019/2020 CQIB Board Members



Andrew Hinz
Insurance Aid General Brokers

Ron Bellert
North Queensland Insurance Brokers

Chris Murfin
East Coast Insurance Brokers

Board Members
Heather Peirano
Piranha Insurance Brokers

Don Tickle
Rivers Insurance Brokers

Pat Tully
Lea Insurance Brokers

Sean Bemrose
Tony Bemrose Insurance Brokers

Andrew Munson
Darling Downs Insurance Brokers

General Manager
David Duncalfe
Council of Queensland Insurance Brokers

CQIB Young Professionals Committee 2019/2020


Kirsty Dowell
Stellar Insurance Brokers

Bree Hinchy
Rivers Insurance Brokers

Danielle Giardina
Austcover Pty Ltd

Bonnie Brown
Austcover Pty Ltd

Jennifer Robbins
HWL Ebsworth Lawyers

Luke Grantham
Rivers Insurance Brokers

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